Death Sentence 2007

Death Sentence

Death Sentence 

Death Sentence Nick Hume is a South Carolina businessman who travels to Columbia to watch his son Brendan play hockey. While driving back home, they stop off at a gas station in a bad part of town. Joe Darley, a new member of the gang, is able to cut Brendan’s throat during an apparent theft at the station. Nick gets into a fight with the thugs, and then pulls Joe’s mask off, revealing his face. Joe is able to escape but is then hit by a vehicle. Nick rushes Brendan into the hospital but the boy dies.

Nick identifies Joe as he walks through a police line-up, but is enraged by the district attorney informs him that the defense is willing to cut an offer for a light sentence, because there’s insufficient evidence to take the case to trial. At a pre-trial hearing, Nick is forced to retract his identification, so Joe can go on the run. Nick follows the gang to their hideout, and is waiting for Joe to be left alone, before he cuts him to his death. Billy who is the leader of the gang is determined to take revenge. One of the gang members claims his sister witnessed a man wearing uniform on the night the night Joe was murdered. They ambush him on the street, after they confirm the identity of Nick from a photo in a newspaper. He is chased to the parkade. He hides, and then runs through the parkade, jumping on cars as he goes. The alarms of the cars start to sound, which is causing to confuse Billy and his band of gang members. Nick finds himself on the upper level which is where a gang member is making his way towards him. Nick struggles for what it has and is required to drive a car along with him. The car turns and heads for the parkade. Nick gets away just in time. However the gang member falls into the ground and dies. Nick’s office is visited by another gang member to deliver the suitcase he left during the chase. Nick calls a phone number found in the case that belongs to Billy. Billy warns that Nick has bought the “death sentence” for his family members, and reveals the fact that Joe was actually his brother. Nick immediately calls Jessica Wallis, the detective who is assigned to Brendan’s investigation, who already knows the crime Nick has started. Jessica issues APBs to Billy and his gang and grants Nick’s family protection. That night, the officers at Nick’s home are espionage killed however, when Nick realizesit, he discovers the gang members have entered the house. They take control of Nick and force Helen as well as Lucas down to kill the two. Helen is killed while Lucas is in hospital.

After Jessica makes a speech about the fact that wars never end, she permits Nick to visit a in a coma Lucas and he apologizes for not being a better father. Nick leaves the hospital to search for the remaining gang members. He buys guns from Bones who is an infamous black market gun dealer. Bones then reveals himself to be Billy’s father after the end of the transaction. Nick locates Heco one of the members of the gang, and questions Heco about where the other members are they are, and learns their home is an abandoned mental facility which they refer to as “The Office”. Heco is forced to call Billy’s phone under threat of gun and is executed while Billy is watching. Bones confronts Billy, who executes him. Nick is off to “The Office” in order to take out the remaining group. After a shootout the two Billy confront and severely wound one another in the chapel of the hospital. He claims that he turned Nick the cold-blooded killer like himself. Nick takes his revolver, and asks Billy whether they’re ready to meet their maker. As Nick leaves, Billy weeps before Nick takes his own existence. His family is now at peace, Nick returns home, goes to the movies with his family and is awaiting his inevitable arrest. Jessica informs him that Lucas is now healthy and will live to the fullest. Nick is happy to see his family laughing happily in the living room.

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